Notes and toughts on landscape architecture today.


The contamination in the field of landscape architecture, relating to ecology, social relations, different cultures is often creating a confused perception of languages.

This conditions are requiring from our side the ability and availability to understand the people that will make use and live in the spaces we have to design and organize, either park, garden, terrace, etc. The recent violence toward the ecosystem is the effect of the weakening of the human perceiving capacity of the environment around him and of the consequent weakening of his level of consciousness: for this reason the men’s heart is the keystone to a recovered the lost balance.

Landscape architecture can effectively help to keep alive the link between man and ecosystem, link that is weakening with the risk of breakage as it can influence the every day behavior of the people who leave in the city or in the country, as long as landscape architecture has the ability to attract, to provide pleasure and comfort, and why not, to astound.