We are architects and we act in the field of landscape and garden design since 1990. Our main territory of operation is Tuscany and our projects are mainly related to the areas of landscape architecture. We are available to evaluate your needs for the enrichment of a green area with the purpose to make of it a more enjoyable and pleasant place. Thanks to the tight cooperation with a variety of specialized engineers, craftsmen and nursery men, we can offer to our customers turn key solutions for the green areas, from the conceivement … to the final execution in all the details. In this way we will avoid our customers every problem related to work coordination and responsibilities, guaranteeing high quality standards, reliability of any technical solution and accurate delivery time. All of this in continnuous contact with our customer to ensure that each solution will satisfy the individual requirements and pleasure.

From the book of 1499 “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili” by Francesco Colonna. Citèra is the name of the imaginary island Polifilo reaches with his beloved Polia, after having taken an inner journey through what could be described as the archetype of the Renaissance garden. We like to think that the garden is the most suitable place to host a journey of the soul.